Stress, Sadness and Burnout.

As children we are born with a natural degree of liveliness, spontaneity and open-mindedness. In order to survive, we automatically adapt to the demands of our environment. This holding back and adjusting requires a lot of self-control and effort from body and mind.

On a physical level, this is done by, for example, tightening certain muscle groups or holding in and adjusting the breathing. This can be expressed in psychological and / or physical complaints such as with
burnout, stress, divorce, headache, worrying, sadness, grief or, for example, neck, shoulder and back pain. Every body tells its own history and is unique in it.

Naturopathic therapy

Practice Reber offers a therapeutic treatment that makes you more aware of what is going on in you. The body has different ways of informing you about how you are doing. You can notice this in your posture, for example, where it feels good and where your body ‘sounds the alarm’.
In everyday life you can easily lose the balance between tension and relaxation.

The therapist focuses on the tension but also the relaxation of the body. The latter is skipped in many therapies, but it is precisely an interaction between these two extremes. By means of pressure point techniques (Shiatsu), Breathing and massage techniques – Reber therapy – the therapist brings body and mind into a positive flow, the client notices this after the first treatment. You feel calmer and more cheerful. Body and mind work together and the customer feels that. A start has been made on striving for balance. That is the purpose of this therapy.

During an intake interview, together with the first treatment, it is made clear how the therapy is structured.