Sportmassage is an effective way for all athletes to recover from injuries faster. Blockages in the muscles are broken down, waste products are removed more quickly. The result is a faster recovery and a reduced chance of new injuries.

The purpose of a relaxation massage is to relax physically and mentally. In this day and age many people are at the computer and often work under too much pressure or expect too much from themselves and their environment. The problems that can arise are headaches, sore shoulders, painful neck and lower back or tired legs.

You don’t have to be an athlete to undergo regular massage.

Chair massage for companies

A chair massage for your employees?

When people are motivated and feel good, they can move mountains.
Driven employees who feel good about themselves make the difference

Company massage is a powerful and effective support to your health management.

    • Less absenteeism and dropout
    • Less stress and fatigue
    • Better performances
    • Better concentration
    • Pleasant working atmosphere
    • Better communication in the workplace
    • The invoice is tax deductible

The invoice is tax deductible

Shiatsu chair massage € 17.50 – per 20 minutes

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or by phone: 06 13349979