Magnetic field therapy

Magnetic veldtherapy

Magnetic field therapy ensures that the “surface tension” of the body’s cells (back) is optimal.

What does this mean for the functioning and resistance (immunity) of the body?

  • Better absorption of water and nutrition in the cell and better disposal of waste products from the cell.
  • The residual waste products cause acidification, which is a major cause of chronic diseases.
  • Better blood flow, also and especially in the small veins (microcirculation), which is 70% of blood transport.
  • Better blood circulation throughout the body ensures better oxygen uptake, a vital process!

Magnetic field therapy therefore also has an impact on the causes of chronic conditions and not on symptoms, even though pain relief is a beneficial effect of magnetic field therapy in the relatively short term. In combination with pure water, fresh and healthy food, movement and rest, magnetic field therapy restores the basic basic function of the body cells. Therefore, magnetic field therapy can be used successfully for almost all (chronic) conditions. Practice Reber can advise you on this.

This therapy cannot be used if you have a pacemaker or on an area of the body where there is an implant. Therapy is not recommended during pregnancy



The most common cause of back pain is overload, which affects the entire musculoskeletal system. Since I underwent magnetic field therapy in combination with massage in Practice Reber, the pain has diminished… ”is the response of a client after 3 weeks



Osteoarthritis, as many people think, is not a disease of old age! It can occur in all our joints and vertebrae at all ages. Our cartilage, the “suspension” or shock-absorbing cushion for the joints, decreases in thickness on the one hand, and on the other hand in quality: it becomes thinner and softer, cracks can enter, it also becomes rougher and crumbles. Because there is less cartilage, our joints are less able to absorb the shocks of our movement and the bone ends move less smoothly and supple. Our bone also tries to absorb this greater load by becoming a bit wider and bony protrusions can develop. These changes are causing the pain!


On the one hand, magnetic field therapy works to make “new” cartilage in the long term, on the other hand our body gets a better metabolism or metabolism, so that our blood with oxygen and nutrients better reaches its final goal! d



Are you looking for an effective remedy to treat migraines? Magnetic field therapy can be a solution to your problem.


The migraine attacks can seriously hinder you in your daily activities. You could control your migraines with a few sessions a week at home. Especially for chronic conditions, this therapy is a natural and sure way to tackle the root cause of the problem.



Chronic fatigue syndrome is a clinically proven but still unexplained condition of severe mental and physical fatigue. CFS patients also tend to have a weaker immune system and suffer more from stress. Magnetic field therapy can also be used for related syndromes (burnout, overload and stress) and can alleviate the symptoms of CFS by strengthening the immune system.



Practice Reber applies this in combination with shiatsu massage.



The urge to move the legs prevents sleep, so not sufficiently rested in the morning with many negative effects as a result!


“Since I got to know magnetic field therapy, I fall asleep quickly, and I also sleep through…” is the response of a Client after a few days.


Practice Reber applies this in combination with a drainage massage.